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Midtown Media's Privacy Policy

Midtown Media LLC is a provider of media solutions and creative services, dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our operations. Midtown Media LLC demonstrates its commitment to clients and the public by adhering to a mandatory Code of Standards and Ethics for Media Services. For more information about The Media Ethics Association, please visit their website.

At Midtown Media LLC, we fully comply with all relevant laws concerning data protection and other related subjects. We are steadfast in avoiding any actions that could tarnish the reputation of online media research or undermine trust in our findings.

This privacy policy is prominently displayed alongside all of Midtown Media LLC's online surveys, ensuring its accessibility and comprehensibility.

Our Privacy Commitment

Midtown Media LLC is dedicated to granting you maximum control over your personal information. Safeguarding your personal privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

This privacy policy elucidates the nature of information we gather through surveys and on our website. It also outlines the choices available to you regarding the collection and utilization of your information.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

Respecting the privacy of online respondents is a core principle at Midtown Media LLC. We prioritize maintaining the anonymity of respondents unless they have explicitly provided their informed consent to reveal their identity.

To facilitate survey validation and analysis, a minimal amount of respondent-identifiable information may be shared with the client. This allows the client to verify survey responses and perform analyses, such as appending their database information to the survey research file for thorough examination.

Survey Invitations

For targeted research surveys, our clients may furnish us with lists of individuals, such as their customers or staff, whom they wish to invite to participate. Additionally, Midtown Media LLC sends survey invitations to individuals who have shown willingness to engage in research surveys or receive emails pertinent to subjects aligned with the research goals of specific projects.

We utilize email addresses exclusively for survey research purposes and abstain from sending online messages to respondents who have indicated their preference to not receive such communications pertaining to a research project or its subsequent follow-up studies. To minimize inconvenience, our email subject lines succinctly convey the purpose, and the content of the message remains concise.

Periodically, we may request your email address (along with your name, address, and telephone information) to facilitate further research investigations that align with your expressed interest. Your email address will not be traded, leased, or sold for any purpose outside the scope of agreed-upon research participation.

Voluntary Participation

Your participation is always voluntary. Whenever we extend an invitation, you retain the choice to decline or disregard it. Moreover, throughout the survey process, you maintain the option to exit our survey site without obligation.

Midtown Media LLC provides the option to opt out of receiving survey invitations if you opt not to receive invitations exclusive to our research surveys.

Occasionally, to prevent biased responses, the research's full purpose might not be disclosed at the start of the questionnaire. However, we commit to avoiding any misleading statements about the research's nature or the intended use of its findings. Any estimations regarding interview duration are based on Midtown Media LLC's reasonable assessments of respondents' average completion times.

Use of Cookies Cookies,

Cookies, which are files or data pieces stored on your computer's hard drive during website visits, are an industry standard present on most websites.

Our site utilizes cookies solely for session management. Cookies serve as a mechanism to resume a survey where you left off, should your participation be interrupted due to technical or personal reasons.

We do not employ cookies to retrieve information from your computer that you haven't voluntarily supplied.

Data Security Safeguarding data security is a top priority at Midtown Media LLC. All data you provide is shielded against unauthorized access. We have implemented suitable physical, electronic, and managerial protocols to protect the survey information we collect.

Usage Restrictions

Midtown Media LLC does not grant authorization to copy or utilize any materials or information from our surveys without explicit written consent. By adhering to these restrictions, you acknowledge that such materials or information will retain all copyright and proprietary notices mentioned in this statement.

Intellectual Property

The products, technology, processes, and information featured in our surveys and on our website could be subject to intellectual property rights held by Midtown Media LLC or third parties. Nothing herein shall be interpreted as conferring any license, title, or ownership of any intellectual property right held by Midtown Media LLC or third parties.

Copyright Policy Under US law

"Midtown Media," the Midtown Media logo, and related marks are service marks of Midtown Media LLC. The contents of this site are safeguarded by applicable copyright laws. No permission is granted for copying, distributing, modifying, posting, or framing any text, graphics, video, audio, software code, user interface design, or logos.

ⒸMidtown Media LLC, 2023. All rights reserved.

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