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San Francisco Peaks & Mt Elden Panoramic shot taken by Midtown Media


When it comes to our services, transparency on pricing is something we strive for, but it can be tricky to nail down a price on things like web design when the pricing for domains and hosting of a website can change overnight. We will always offer package deals that will encompass all costs, but if you need more of an "A la Carte" selection of services, you may save money asking for a direct quote for just the things you need done. There's no sense in paying for things twice, so if there isn't a package that fits your needs, we can make one to order!

An important consideration when looking over the packages is understanding what they include. Hosting fees alone for a website can range from $300 to $500 a year, depending on the hosting service and what sales they may or may not be running. Also keep in mind these fees for hosting and a domain are required annually to keep your site live. If you purchase "The Everything Package" and we set up a site and domain for you, there will always be annual fees associated with keeping a website live. 

San Francisco Peaks Panoramic Taken by Midtown Media over Timberline AZ

Custom Packages

If you are not seeing a package that fits your needs or budget, just let us know what those needs are and we can get you a free quote!

Thanks for submitting!

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