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Our Website Portfolio

Below you'll find our gallery of websites, with links and photos so you can explore them for yourself! We are able to create something unique for each business, making sure to reflect you, your business, and your ideals. 

Midtown Animal Clinic! 
This marked not only our debut business venture but also our introduction to intricate website design. We took pride in designing the logo and generating every graphic and photograph displayed on the site. The website is enhanced with integrated features such as customer reviews, social media connectivity, online appointment scheduling, client registration capabilities, and a dedicated merchandise storefront.

Grizzly the Mechanic!
Grizzly the Mechanic represents our inaugural foray into the realm of mechanic website design. Although he operates primarily in Page, he continues to provide services in Flagstaff. While Grizzly had some pre-existing branding elements, the entirety of the website, inclusive of the merchandise store, was meticulously crafted by our team.

Christine's Fund!
Christine's Fund is a certified 501c3 charitable foundation, established by the dedicated team at Midtown Animal Clinic to support pets in need. Our role encompassed the design of their emblematic logo and the development of their website. Notably, we integrated AI-generated imagery, ensuring the website boasts a distinct aesthetic with visuals exclusive to their platform.

Stephi's Music Studio!
Stephi's Music Studio engaged Midtown Media for comprehensive branding services, encompassing logo design, business card creation, and website development. Additionally, we meticulously calibrated her SEO, which proved so effective that we subsequently needed to moderate its potency after her schedule rapidly filled with students and she experienced an overwhelming influx of calls. Her website stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of simplicity and functionality.