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Computer Programming

Midtown Tech Support

Our I.T. department is equipped to meet your small business technology needs. 

Whether you need to build an affordable PC or several, fix the ones you have, or set up a private network,

we got you covered

Fixing a Computer

PC Repair/Rebuild

Our comprehensive computer repair service is a one-stop solution for all your computing needs. Our expert tech-guru, Jayden, specializes in diagnosing and rectifying hardware and software issues, ranging from replacing faulty components to tearing down and meticulously rebuilding systems for optimal performance. Whether it's a cracked screen, malfunctioning ports, or sluggish performance, we've got you covered.


With a commitment to precision and efficiency, we ensure that your computer is returned in top-notch condition, allowing you to get back to work or play seamlessly.  

Network Connectivity

With a deep understanding of both local private networks and public networks, they are the driving force behind seamless digital interactions. Whether it's establishing secure connections within your organization or facilitating smooth interactions throughout all your typical office equipment, we can probably help you out. Jayden's knowledge extends to integrating a variety of devices, including printers and scanners, into the network ecosystem, enabling effortless sharing and printing from any corner of your workspace. With an unmatched ability to troubleshoot, optimize, and fine-tune networks, Jayden is your reliable partner in harnessing the power of connectivity to fuel your business's growth.

Blue screen showing booting issues with a PC

Software and Hardware Troubleshooting

With a keen eye for detail and a wealth of technical knowledge, Jayden can swiftly diagnose and resolve common issues that hinder your device's performance. From software crashes to hardware malfunctions, his expertise transforms frustration into seamless functionality.


Additionally, their adeptness at eradicating viruses and malware ensures your computer can operate at its best, free from digital threats. With a commitment to restoring digital harmony, Jayden is your go-to solution for a smooth and secure computing experience.

Video Game

Game Console Repair

Jayden has a remarkable knack for resurrecting failing game consoles, and even the controllers! With an innate understanding of the intricate systems that power most gaming devices, Jayden possesses a unique skill set that turns seemingly irreparable consoles back into the gaming machines they once were. His expertise spans from pinpointing elusive hardware glitches to deciphering complex software issues that leave gamers frustrated. Armed with a toolbox of advanced diagnostics and a passion for gaming, Jayden is the go-to wizard who can revive your beloved consoles, breathing life into your virtual adventures once more.

Video Game
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