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San Francisco Peaks Panorama- Taken by Midtown Media in Timberline.

About Us


Our Story

Midtown Animal Clinic Prior to Grand Opening

In May of 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, we found ourselves without a steady source of income or a way to keep our health insurance. We had nothing but our hobbies to fall back on (web design, graphic design, ghost writing), but these hobbies did not provide the security we needed.

We shared one passion, though - veterinary medicine. With many years of experience in the field, we felt confident in our skills as veterinary technicians. We had worked for several clinics over the years, and watched as those clinics grew, collapsed, made smart choices, and made mistakes... and we knew we could take that "educations" and use it our advantage.

When a narrow window of opportunity arose, we jumped on it. A clinic had moved out of their old location and the building was available to lease. Rent was steep and the commitment was terrifying, but we made the leap anyway. We had only a few short weeks to gather the equipment, office supplies and staff if we were going to make it happen.

Once we had all the things and the people we needed, we still needed clients. Fortunately, there was one unexpected benefit of COVID - the rapid increase in pet adoptions. This meant our community was filled with new pet owners, and they all needed the same thing - a veterinary clinic that was accepting new clients.

 We took that opportunity and ran full speed ahead. We quickly figured out how to get the most out of our website and social media, and we found our way into the digital homes of those that needed us most. It wasn't long before our schedule was full and our email was nearly impossible to keep up with!


Today, we advertise in many spaces, but the majority of our growth and current clientele come directly from social media channels. It is with this audience, and the incredible support of our community, that Midtown Animal Clinic was voted the Best of Flag 2021 and 2022 by the AZ Daily Sun, as well as Best of Business by Flagstaff Business News.


We're ready to take what we've learned and give it back to the community - helping others grow their clientele, build their web presence, and take their business to the next level.


Meet the Team

While our team is small, We've acquired the skills to bridge the gap between your idea and reality.

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